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Friday 30 September 2011

The Very Picture of You

The Very Picture of You
by Isabel Wolff
Paperback at £7.99

Though this is normally the sort of book I’d not pick up, when I received it as a proof, I decided to give it a go. I’ll confess that I quite enjoyed it.
  Young, very single, Ella is a portrait artist who has painted many famous figures and commands a large fee. However, it is a portrait for her sister that causes her the biggest problem. The two main themes are this painting (of her sister’s future husband) and the unexpected and unwanted contact with her father who apparently deserted the family when Ella was still a child.
Though the central love story was given away by the blurb (don’t do that people!) and the truth about Ella’s missing father was rather telegraphed, it was the atmosphere of the portrait sessions that made this book enjoyable for me. The painting sessions and the conversations between sitters and artist seemed very real and I suspect that the author paints or spent many hours observing an artist at work.
   A light, enjoyable, if predictable romance with a little more about it than some.

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