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Wednesday 20 March 2013

Rebecca Tope Signing

Just because our shop has closed it doesn't mean that Rebecca Tope will turn her back on The Cotswolds.

In fact, she will be signing her latest Thea Osborne book, (set in Winchcombe) at The Borzoi Bookshop in Stow-on-the-Wold on Saturday 30th March at 11am.

As well as launching her new hardback, Shadow in the Cotswolds, her latest paperback, Malice in the Cotswolds, will also be available.

I'll be there and perhaps Nina and David may make it too, but don't let that put you off!

If you are new to Rebecca, give her site a look - 

Monday 11 March 2013

Blog back on Air

OK We're back in the driving seat now. After a slow re-assembly of the computer and peripherals (small choux pastry balls filled with cream and topped with chocolate) we're now back in charge of the blog.

So here's our first review for a while -

A Game of Thrones: by George R.R. Martin
Paperback at £8.99

With a link to the history of fourteenth century Europe and perhaps our own 'Wars of the Roses', this sprawling epic is just the start of a huge and gripping saga. This first book runs to 800 pages (what value!) and describes the lives of Kings and Princes, knights and traitors, as various families vie to rule the land. There are few men of honour, in these pages. Everyone plots to satisfy their own ambitions. Perhaps everyone, that is, but Eddard Stark, called away from his family to virtually rule while the King enjoys the hunt and too much wine. However, there is a suspicion of murder at court and, at the King's death, Eddard must take command only to find that he can trust no one. As his control slips, the country spirals into war. I was soon gripped by the lives of the vast list of characters as they dance around each other. You'll soon find your favourites among them, some of them are very amusing, and there are plenty to hiss and boo as the plot develops. The non-stop action, secrets, plots and battles spread across a brilliantly imagined landscape rush you to the last page. Much better than the TV series starring Sean Bean as Stark, this is superb. I've already rushed to the next in the series, A Clash of Kings, which I'm enjoying just as much. 

I know it's an oldie but for years I've read for the shop while my favourite authors output piled up in the 'library'. (Large box under the bed!)