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Tuesday 4 January 2011

Happy New Year

Here's wishing you all a Happy New Year (and sorry we were too busy to squeeze in a 'Merry Christmas' a few weeks ago)

Can a whole month have gone by without us noticing it? It may have been something to do with the double whammy of the Christmas build up and the build up of snow and ice!

Nina bravely hiked in to open the shop on the day that the snow came down and then, having slept under the counter all night, opened up on Sunday 19th December. Meanwhile, David and I were still digging our way out onto the main roads.

As you might expect, the harsh weather kept most of our customers indoors for the week and so we were much quieter than normal.
A big thank you to those of you who did make it through the drifts to buy your Christmas gifts from us.