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Saturday 31 July 2010

You know that business about buses all coming along at once? Well, just last week we took in a lovely little book, full of superb, rich watercolours of the Cotswolds. And this week? We’ve just accepted a lovely little book, full of superb, rich watercolours of the Cotswolds!

The first, Little Green Shoots’, is subtitled ‘Tales from a Cotswold Teacher’. It is illustrated by Jenny Henderson, though the author’s name is with-held. In a memoir that could have been written by Gervase Phinn, she describes her early experiences when she first taught at a little village school in the days before too many rules were inflicted on teaching staff. Indeed, in her forward, she bemoans the loss of some of the old ways and concocts the perfect title to her book, ‘Little Green Shoots’. At only £10.00, this charming and amusing little book will be equally welcomed by our visitors as a momento and our locals as a trip down memory lane.

The second, by self-taught artist Bob Gilhooley, is called ‘The Picturesque Cotswolds’ and is sub titled ‘A Souvenir in Beautiful Paintings’. However, like ‘Little Green Shoots’, though it will be perfect for visitors, I’m sure it will also sell as a gift for locals. It is packed with fine watercolours of nearly forty villages and towns across the North Cotswolds and is laid out almost as a walking tour. (Yes, Moreton-in-Marsh is there on a sunny market day) This is a hardback and yet is only priced at £17.99.

Do call in and ask to see them. They are both well worth a look.

Monday 26 July 2010

Tracker News

More news from Sue Cook on Tracker. The film has been confirmed for the Toronto Film Festival. She has also provided a link for you to have a peek at some aspects of the film yourselves. #fb


Sunday 25 July 2010

Tracker - See it!

The Remarkables, South Island, New Zealand

Up and back to London Town today to see Tracker, a terrific new film staring Ray Winston, Temuera Morrison and some amazing backdrops of New Zealand scenery.

The one shot I recognised from my visit to that wonderful land is the scene with the majestic 'Remarkables' in the background but remarkable is an adjective you could use for the whole film. Ray Winstone's brooding presence in all his scenes is such that he resembles a slice of that volcanic rock - immoveable. However, Temuera Morrison, playing a man who could have been one of his own ancestors, a Maori accused wrongly of murder and on the run, is just the man to wear him down.

In scenes that are sometimes moving, sometimes comic and often violent, the pair are hardly off screen and seem to strike sparks off each other. From the opening shot with the camera descending through the clouds to the final shot of Mr Winstone, the film was captivating and all concerned with its production deserved the applause that followed its showing.

The director was Ian Sharp and his wife, Sue Cook, was executive producer. (Thanks for the invite)


Sarah's Wedding Day

Above. Nina, David and I in a rare shot - all off duty at the same time. This is David relaxing after his nerve-racking speech as Father Of The Bride. Well done David.

Left. Sarah Whitehead (oops! I mean Sarah Robinson, as she now is) at her most beautiful on her wedding day. We and, I'm sure, all our friends and customers wish you and Phillip the very best of futures together.

I expect more pictures will follow.

Saturday 24 July 2010

Wedding Day

Today is the wedding day of Sarah Whitehead and Phillip Robinson. I'm sure all of us, customers (friends really) and staff, wish the couple much happiness and all the wonders in the world for their future together. Perhaps David will let us put up a photo or two of his lovely daughter and her new husband some time next week.

Friday 23 July 2010

Book News number 38

I spent this evening and the last bashing in news and reviews for our latest copy of Book News (Number 38!)
We review -
Benny and Shrimp by Katarina Mazeeti, which will ring bells with many hereabouts as it's the tale of a farmer with no time for love till he meets the one girl who he should never fall for.
Famous Last Words by Annie Sanders (actually a writing duo) well known for Goodbye Jimmy Choo
Lucy Streeter revamps what's left of her life when an amazingly accurate fortune teller says she hasn't too long to go.
Trash by Andy Mulligan Three small boys, living off rubbish dumps in an African state make the find of their lives - and it could get them killed. An unusually thought provoking thriller.
Sacred Treason by James Forrester A fast paced medieval thriller by the author of The Time Traveller's Guide to Medieval England.

Plus news of the two signings coming up and the entire cast list of Justin Thyme - sideways!

Call in and pick up a copy.

Friday another thirteenth

So much for trying to avoid a thirteenth sale on a Friday. If customers will insist on buying thirteen copies of Justin Thyme per day, what can we do to stop them? I wonder how many we'll do when the advertising starts?

Nice mail from Panama Oxridge congratulating us on our sales of his amazing book. He's wondering if he can sign so many in one day.

Thursday 22 July 2010

Record sales for Justin Thyme

OK. So we cheated really. I stayed open for an extra half hour and had one last customer wanting the thirteenth Justin Thyme of the day. That's right, thirteen! Perhaps that last one should count as a sale for Friday but Friday the thirteenth?

Doubtless our readers know that we'll be sending out the signed copies of Panama's exciting read, post free in the UK. We'll also be deducting the cost of UK postage from those sent abroad and there are already a surprising number of them. USA, Canada, Spain, Australia and Holland will all have signed copies in the post shortly after Panama's visit.

An international hit.

Wednesday 21 July 2010

Burbage spots The Third Man

As we told you yesterday, Eliza, the computer literate gorilla, made her way into the shop on Tuesday night, accompanied by Burbage, the Shakepeare quoting parrot. We thought there was little damage caused apart from a few banana skins littered about and a little 'spotting' by Burbage. Later, we found it was Peter Mendleson's The Third Man which was easily the most damaged. It looked as if the bird had perched there all night. Now the book jacket gives a much clearer hint as to the contents.

See Eliza and Burbage on

Inside Pocket flying high

The publishers of Justin Thyme have shown the world their new logo. For a good look at it, see their blog at There you'll also find The Justin Thyme movie trailer. Oops! I'm told it is The Book Trailer - there isn't a film film yet. But there will be. There certainly will be. After all, David, Nina and I have been promised parts!

There's also news of their ARCTIC6 series of books and the new site that tells all on -

Tuesday 20 July 2010

Eliza visits Cotswold Bookstore.

Unknown to us, Eliza, the computer literate gorilla, popped in to the shop after closing time the other day. (Apparently, she's an expert lock-picker) David was the first to notice something was amiss when he expressed himself in that blunt South African way of his after falling flat on his back having slipped on a banana skin.
Don't believe us? Check out
She was kind enough to leave some banana cake for us and our customers. Call in quickly though, it's nearly all gone!

(Did anyone spot Burbage? He certainly spotted a few of our books!)

Monday 19 July 2010

Pro Photography at Fairford

Late in the day, a young, possibly German, photographer called in. He'd been at the Fairford Air Show on days when the sun had shone and he's promised to send a couple of his shots. He looked a pro so his photos might be better than mine!

Nina's return

Wonderful to see Nina back in the shop after what seems like six months. We thought we'd done well without her but the pace has accelerated now - you might now get that book you ordered!
First thing she did was answer the phone to two customers (one overseas in the Isle of Wight) requesting copies of Justin Thyme. The leaflet that we insist everyone takes is really working well. Check our constantly moving Justin Thyme Sales Counter on the Justin Thyme page. (Well, I update it every evening)
David, meanwhile, is home preparing a speech for daughter Sarah's wedding, amongst other things.

Sunday 18 July 2010

Fairford Air Tatoo

I'll never get the hang of putting 'stuff' where I want it. Certainly a blog is not WYSIWYG.
A few of the dozens of pics I took - it was a grey day.

I've discovered that clicking on a photo brings in up, full size. Good init.

Friday 16 July 2010

Adverts for signings

David and I have been busy working up the two adverts for the next two signings.
Rebecca Tope is here on the 28th August at 2pm to sign the paperback of Fear in the Cotswolds and her new hardback, Grave in the Cotswolds. This latter will be reduced in price by £5.00 on the day.

Then on 11th September, also at 2pm, Panama Oxridge will be here to sign the new, Inside Pocket, edition of Justin Thyme, the book that we have waited 3 years for!

Tuesday 13 July 2010

Carbon footprint

Interesting Canadian gent in the shop who told us he was one of the runners who carried the Olympic Flame a while back, presumably the Winter Olympics. So he flies from one side of his country to the other, total journey time 9 hours, runs for ten minutes, then flies back again.

Edge of the Wild - Tolkien-inspired art exhibition

The following is a copy of a mail from Malcolm Lindley

“Edge of the Wild” our annual Tolkien-inspired Art Exhibition will take place 14th – 16th August 2010 at The Redesdale Hall, Moreton-in-Marsh, Glos. It is Free Admission and open between 9 and 5 each day. Attending will be the Tolkien artists: Ted Nasmith, Ruth Lacon, Jef Murrray and Peter Pracownik, with their new Tolkien works on display, alongside an exhibition of Tolkien artifacts, letters and photographs – and an original drawing by JRR Tolkien – discovered during the process of research for the biography of Hilary Tolkien. The Dealers Room will have books, memorabilia, music, swords and clothing, candles, waistcoats, other talented Tolkien artists, bow-making, and much more.

We shall also have a Preview Party on Friday 13th August from 7pm until late. This is ticketed, and each ticket admits TWO people. Please email me at with number of 2 person tickets you’d like and an address to send them to. I will put them in the post this week along with a Programme of Events. There will be complimentary drink and nibbles at the Preview Party, and we will have eagles from the Cotswold Falconry in attendance.

During the Exhibition there will be talks and presentations by the artists and others, and Chloe from Midnight Storytellers will be give us powerful tales. On Saturday at 4.30 (in a change to the printed Programme) there will be an auction. On Sunday, there is the masquerade and quiz. Also there will be extra events after “close”, so early Sunday evening there is a performance from Tinkerscuss – A collaboration of Anglo-Celtic music and tales in the Hall. Saturday evening there will be a Smial Meal at The MarshMallow. This will need to be pre-booked, so please email me and I shall send out the menu options and take the booking. I anticipate sending the menu options later this week.

Whether you are visiting for the day or staying over for the lot, there is loads to see and do at the Exhibition. Moreton-in-Marsh has many hotels, B&B’s and 2 camp sites. The Exhibition is in the heart of Tolkien’s Shire as nearby you can visit the Four Shires Stone - used as basis for Three Farthing Stone in The Shire, and the Rollright Stones - upon which The Barrow Downs were based.

I look forward to seeing you all at the event.

Many thanks, Malcx

Malcolm Lindley

ADC Publications

Unit 8 Wychwood Court

Cotswold Business Village


Glos GL56 0JQ

Office: 01608 812867 Mob: 07941 477699

Email: Website:

Saturday 10 July 2010

Jane Bailey Signing

Thanks to those who came along to meet Jane Bailey today. We all had a lot of fun talking to a charming and delightful lady. I've sprinkled a few photos here. Those of you who bought only one of her books will surely be back soon for the other. In total, there were 20 books sold on the day and five others had been booked for people away. Not bad considering how quiet the town was in the morning. Perhaps we should hold our signings in the afternoon. What do you think?
One photo shows Nina enjoying a joke with Jane. It was good to see her back behind the counter again and we wish her a full recovery in time for Monday week.

A Night at the Opera

Just received a couple of photos following our visit to Cheltenahm Racecourse to see Katherine Jenkins (in concert - she doesn't live there). So here they are and many thanks to Caroline for supplying them.

Friday 9 July 2010

Jane Bailey flying high.

Shop changed around for the Jane Bailey signing tomorrow (hunt around in Reviews Page for detail of her books) David has set up a cool presentation of her books with low flying Spitfires and ME-109s keeping them company.

Damn nuisance though - can't find the camera to let you see it before the huge sales ruin it all. If you are coming to meet Jane and to buy one (or both) of her novels of mystery, romance and humour, set in the Costwolds, please bring your camera!

We've already sold masses of her books because of the window display. (Thinks - I wonder how many toy Spitfires we'll sell)

Talking of which, David wants to switch days next weekend which suits just fine. I can swan off to Fairford Air show and see the Vulcan. Just been reading about it and a host of other aircraft and their test pilots in Empire of the Clouds by James Hamilton-Paterson.

Tuesday 6 July 2010

More cup-cakes

A quick thank-you-very-much to Christine, who popped in with a bag of cup cakes for David and I. She must have thought we needed fattening up. (It's often like Test Match Special in here) Lovely, Christine - thanks.

Selling too well!

There are two other things that are selling well and it is rather worrying. Our window of Jane Bailey books is fetching in customers who cannot be with us on our signing day, Saturday 10th July, but they are insisting they want one, or sometimes both, of her books and nothing we say will deter them. I hope we have enough left for Saturday! Her site is

Rocknpop or is it Popnrock? Either way, they're great!

After only 4 weeks, we've had to rush another order to Santoro Graphics for some more of their new 'Popnrock' cards. At £4.99 each, you would think them a slow seller but they are flying out. I've dropped inm a photo but look at for the other designs
It seems that Popnrock have won the 2010 Gift of the Year award in best Card & Wrap category. Hardly surprising, they are great.

Sunday 4 July 2010

What's in a name?

Those of you who have looked up Jane Bailey's web site at , may have been surprised to find that she is signing at another place on the morning she is to visit us. Well, we're right and her site is wrong. She's signing at Cotswold Bookstore on Saturday 10 July at 10 am and there will be a special price on the day.

Super Sunday with cheese for afters

Today, there was a Scouts' Fete outside which brought in the crowds making it our best ever Sunday. It felt like Christmas with many families buying whole piles of books. It was also a particularly good day for Justin Thyme as there were no fewer than four advance bookings for this Panama Oxridge title. Our stock of Independent Bookseller titles also took a huge hit and we have been reduced to one or sometimes none of these titles. A delightful group from Spain came in just on closing time and bought a great range of children's books plus placing an order for 2 Geronimo Stilton books which are totally new to me. I look forward to seeing (and smelling) them.

In the saddle

We were 'chuffed to NAAFI breaks' recently when we received a card from Jane Bailey following her recent visit in the company of her two daughters. It read thus -
Dear Nina, Tony and David,
Thank you for the wonderfully warm welcome you gave me in the Cotswold Bookstore and for all the support you've been giving me over the years with me being totally unaware of it! I was really touched by your warmth (and my girls were gob-smacked that anyone had actually heard of me!) You did wonders for my confidence and may like to know that it got me back in the saddle again and I've been writing avidly since. Thank you so much,
Lots of love,
Jane Bailey.

Wasn't that nice. That didn't make our day - it made our whole month. Jane is currently working on a radio script version of Tommy Glover's Sketch of Heaven.
Do come and meet her on Saturday July 10 before she becomes too famous to talk to us.

Friday 2 July 2010

Black Water Rising, which we reviewed in the 'Times' recently and which has received praise in many reviews elsewhere, has now arrived in the smaller paperback size at £7.99. The author, Attica Locke, was named thus after the notorious uprising in Attica, the New York jail, during the civil rights movement and the core of the book is the experience of her own Father during those times.
Reviews are to be found on the right hand side of the blog.

Not on my Patch Lad

Mike Pannett's third outing as an ex-London copper transferred to a beat in rural Yorkshire will be a popular follow up to 'Now Then Lad' and 'You're Coming With Me Lad'. Called 'Not on my Patch Lad', it comes with a special reduced price of £9.99 (£3.00 off the usual price) while stocks last.

The Bainbridge - Bailey connection

We were sad to hear of the death Beryl Bainbridge whose last novel, 'According to Queeney' was widely praised as was most of her work. She had many nominations for the Booker and twice won the Whitbread prize.

She also has a tenuous connection with our shop through Jane Bailey who will be here to sign her two books on Saturday July 10. It was Beryl Bainbridge who recommended Jane to her agent.

We were reminded by Jane that she has a web site of her own (something we've not got around to yet) Do look up