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Tuesday 6 September 2011

Fridge Magnets?

With only one day to go for the fabulous Justin Thyme competition, I have run completely out of 'Thyme' connections.

However, Panama Oxridge continually asserts that 'Everything is connected to everything else' so there must be a connection between time travel and a bunch of fridge magnets.

I leave you to work it out.

Meantime, start with the Tartan of Thyme blog at and good luck!

We've sharpened up the window a little more with the perfect clock-face for time-travel and people have already been coming in because of 'The Dali Clock'.

In case you may have forgotten the date and time of our signing, it is Saturday 10 September at 11 am. Those coming south on the A429, start early. 'THEY' are digging up the road through town so there is a lengthy diversion. Parking may be difficult too, because the fair is in town. Wouldn't you know it!


  1. The window display looks excellent ... and that Dali-style melting clock is wonderful!!!

  2. Yet the droopy clock has only made a minute difference to sales!

  3. My thanks to all the book-bloggers who hosted clues, and to everyone who took part in the JUSTIN THYME competition.
    The competition is now closed, and the winners announced at the "Tartan of Thyme" Blog.