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Monday 5 September 2011

Old Friends

While Eliza was eating the bananas shown in the previous post, she suddenly shot off to the end of the shop and demanded that the bookmarks should be placed among these cards.

Apparently some of these guys are old mates of hers.

Thyme IS Running Out for your competition entries so do get them sorted and sent off to Panama. Only two days to go.

It really is easy, even with a few letters missing, and Panama, the Judge, is being fairly lenient, I hear.

Simply go to  and follow the instructions.

Thyme is also Running Out for those of you who wish us to post a signed copy of any of the books. We are getting busier every day with advance orders for paperbacks of Justin Thyme and hardbacks of both Justin Thyme and Thyme Running Out.

Phone us on 01608 652666 or e-mail

If you are coming to the signing, start a little early. We've heard there are to be diversions north of the town, and parking restrictions because of the fair. (Yes, I know - we should have thought of that!)

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