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Wednesday 7 September 2011

Justin Thyme Parking.

If you are in a last minute rush, looking for the competition letters, just scroll down a bit to an earlier post.

Now, sorry folks -

Regrettably, though we could have foretold that the fair was due in town (it was here at last year's signing) we did not expect the main north/south road (A429) to be closed to traffic, north of the town, on the day of the signing.

Nor did we expect that the available parking space would be further reduced by the high street being resurfaced and therefore being a no-go area.

For those coming from a long way away, I'd suggest finding a spot further out of town and walking in.

Mrs Kof's banana and chocolate chip cake will make the effort worthwhile and there will be wine for the groans and soft drinks for the youngsters.

You may also be lucky enough to get a balloon!

Oh, yes. And there's an author signing his books.

Not at all sure who he is yet though but he has been before.

On his last visit, he signed over 550 copies and we already have about 230 advance orders!

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  1. I can recommend the banana and chocolate chip cake......delicious! Oh, and that author chap was very nice too :o)