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Saturday 17 September 2011

Rebecca Tope and Phil Rickman

We were delighted to welcome two guests to Cotswold Bookstore today, the first time we'd had a double signing.
First Rebecca Tope arrived at 10.30 and she was soon meeting some of her fans, many of whom had come a long way to meet her.
She was kept busy signing both the paperback editiond of her Thea Osborne murder mystery series and also the latest hardback in the series, Deception in the Cotswolds.
The photographer from The Journal arrived just before twelve and only had a few minutes spare.
Luckily, Phil Rickman, the second of our guests, arrived in time to have his press photograph taken with Rebecca and some of their followers.

Here are the pair of them, old friends.

The good folk who first introduced us to the works of Phil Rickman, Joe and Lin, are seen here, being greeted by Phil's outsize recently permed Airdale called Fergus.

Later, Joe and Lin had a long and interesting chat with Phil.

Meanwhile, Rebecca was taken away to be treated to lunch by a couple of her biggest fans.

These two gentlemen had also travelled a long way to see Phil and, as well as having him sign a few books, they were keen autograph hunters too.

Finally, it was Fergus who had the last word, asking for just one more biscuit, while Phil's wife Carol looks on.

Thank you Rebecca, Thank you Phil, and thank you all those folk who came along to meet them both.

Enjoy all your books.

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