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Saturday 3 September 2011

Is it Thyme Castle?

 Hey. Isn't that the castle I built for the James Aitcheson signing? I think it is you know.
There are those towers I built and that tricky gateway I built and there, can you see it, that little well that I built.
Of course you may not have realised that it was the castle I built because of the overhead view. That's just so that you can see the Thyme Running Out bookmarks.

How are you getting on with the competition folks? Not difficult is it? Well, not as difficult as building a castle.
(If you can't quite make out the letters, go back to earlier posts)

In case this is your first try at this competition, here's where you start - the 'Tartan of Thyme' blog - 

And here are your instructions.

To celebrate the paperback release of JUSTIN THYME, the Tartan of Thyme Blog is running a competition with signed/doodled copies of both JUSTIN THYME and its forthcoming sequel THYME RUNNING OUT as the prize.
All readers have to do is visit the participating blogs, note down the letters and numbers on the Justin Thyme bookmarks (see photos), then rearrange the letters in numerical order. This spells a secret message (Justin’s description of himself). Visit the TOT blog to find links to all participating blogs, and to email your answer. The competition will close on September 7th, when a winner (picked at random from the correct entries) will be announced. 
If it IS all to much of a challenge, why not ask us to post you a signed copy of either the hardback of Justin Thyme or Thyme Running Out or the paperback of Justin Thyme. Thyme Running Out and Justin Thyme are both first editions. Just phone us on 01608 652666 or e-mail us on

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