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Tuesday 23 November 2010

More Remains of Sherlock Holmes

Here's our window full of 'The Remains of Sherlock Holmes' ready for our signing on Saturday.

The Christmas Fair will be on through the afternoon and, after the lights go on, Paul W. Nash will call in to start his signing. We expect him to be here just after 5pm.

There will be mince pies for those early enough and wine, of course, with soft drinks for those who are driving.

David grins and bears it.

Here's David proving that he cares nothing for pain, just grins it away.

With only one arm of any use, he's been even more in the way than usual.

Actually, I couldn't have done without him when 3ft x 3ft x 6ft box had to be fetched downstairs and returned.

No, it wasn't his coffin, he's not that poorly.

Saturday 13 November 2010

MC Beaton's Super Six Signing

Just a few of our favourite customers who attended MC Beaton's Agatha Raisin book signing today. Most were buying her latest Agatha title, Agatha Raisin and the Busybody but the new Agatha Raisin Companion was close behind.

Many of her new series were also bought. They are the Lady Rose Summer books set in Edwardian times. The first of the four in the series, Snobbery with Violence being easily the biggest selling paperback of the day.

Monday 1 November 2010

Panama Oxridge Interview

There's an excellent interview with Panama Oxridge on The Book Zone.

Please follow the link to find just a little bit more about this secretive author.

Don't forget, too, that we'd love to hear what you think of the book and what clues you have found.

The book is still rushing out of the shop and there are big sales elsewhere too. I understand there is a new print run coming soon but we still have plenty of the first Inside Pocket edition to see us through till Christmas.