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Saturday 24 November 2012

Closing Down Sale

With much regret we announce that today we commence our

25% off closing down sale.

Monday 19 November 2012

Justin Sheep

Still nonplussed about the interest shown, world wide, in our 'Sheep in the Window' post of 2nd September.;postID=5422178259133075064

However, I decided to take advantage of it by adding a comment about our favourite book, Justin Thyme and the sequel, Thyme Running Out.

Wednesday 14 November 2012

Hobbit - the music

On you can see Hobbit news updated almost daily. This is one you shouldn't miss however. The complete music for 'An Unexpected Journey'

See -

19/11/2012 Sorry, it's no longer available.

Hobbit - new books

Tony has already booked his family seats for the film of The Hobbit.

Indeed, he will be having a Hobbit weekend with the film on one day and a home showing of Lord of the Rings on the next with first and second breakfasts (nice crispy bacon) where he can fit them in.

In the shop we have the complete Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit, of course but there are also two great film books.

The Visual Companion is a hardback containing copious notes about the characters in the film and plenty of background information with pages devoted to 'Hobbit', 'Wargs' and 'Goblins'.

The Official Movie Guide is by Brian Sibley (co-writer of the wonderful 1981 radio version of LOTR among many other treats). This is packed full of great film shots and interviews. Worth it just for the page on 'Dressing Galadriel'.

Meanwhile, Tony is waiting to get his hands on the first Games Workshop models based on the film characters.
Did you know we have another blog for our GW fans? - 

Tuesday 13 November 2012

John Curtis cartoons

You may remember some excellent poetry recently shown on this blog written by mothball and string collector, John Curtis.

Not only is this a wordsmith known all around the world, especially by the police, but he is also an excellent cartoon (ist).

We are proud to show you some of his work, drawn in the style of the late Don Martin especially for Cotswold Bookstore.

Clicking on the image enlarges it but if you still can't quite get the joke, come into the shop and see the originals on the wall behind the counter.

There's only a small charge.

Wednesday 7 November 2012

More Sheep

Why are so many people looking up our post 'Sheep in the Window'? Please tell.

Sunday 4 November 2012

Naxos CDs Special Offer

Another special offer to clear down some of our stock is a great deal on classical music from Naxos.

Naxos classical music and Jazz CDs are normally at the excellent price of £6.99 but we have taken the price way back to when we opened Cotswold Bookstore by taking £2.00 off.

That's £4.99 per disc or 2 CDs for only £9.98*

That's bettered if you buy 3 CDs as there's an alternative 3 for 2 offer on at the same time. Buy 2 at the normal price and receive the 3rd free.

That's 3 CDs for only£13.98*

Nearly as good as when Naxos started trading in 1987!

* (Note some CD boxes contain 2 CDs normally priced at £9.99 - now £7.99)

Weird Sheep

I was surprised, a month ago, to discover a massive number of hits for our post about Justin Thyme Leaflets to the printers (June, last year).

Now we have a similar surge for the post Sheep in the Window.

Nowt so queer as folk.

Friday 2 November 2012

Classic Offer

To provide a boost to cash flow in the lead up to Christmas  we have some real bargains on offer.

The sumptuous classics from The Collector's Edition are normally at a crazy price anyway.

With quality paper, gold edging to the pages, a silk marker ribbon and often original illustrations, these are bargains usually at only £7.99*.

Now we are making them even more of a great buy with our 3 for 2 offer.

Shakespeare, Dickens, Austen, Poe, Stevenson, The Brontes, Fielding etc, etc.

Hurry though, this offer only applies to the books in stock.

* (Though most of these lovely little books are only £7.99, there are some
higher priced ones in the collection) 

Monty in the snow

So here's that photo. Monty in the snow.

Thursday 1 November 2012


Hi there
The mystery  labradoodle on your blog is me, Monty, short for Montezuma, a local chocolate shop in Chichester.
I celebrate my 3rd birthday this Friday, and was pleased to see my portrait on your site, reminding me of a wet but happy week in the Cotswolds.
Attached a picture of me in the snow, which I love, last winter.

Hi Monty,
Of course. I should have remembered but I'm bad on names. I was going to ask Nina but haven't seen her for a few days.
Great photo, by the way. I'll have to reduce it before I can put it on the blog. I hope there's tons of snow where you live soon but please don't wish any on us. You don't have to clear the drive!
Ludo sends regards.