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Sunday 29 April 2012

Cotswolds Memoir reviewed

Our next visiting author, Diz White, who will be here on the morning of Sat May 19, is already receiving a great deal of publicity.

There's a couple of strong articles in The Echo (see links below) Which tell about her work as an actress and review her new book, Cotswolds Memoir.

Diz was great company when she came along to sign her 'Haunted Cotswolds' a while ago.

Give these links a look!

Wednesday 25 April 2012

Gods of Gotham

Just arrived in the shop - a first novel by the co-author of Dust and Shadow: An Account of the Ripper Killings. As you can see - I liked it.

Gods of Gotham by Lindsay Faye
Hardback at £14.99

This atmospheric fictional tale set at the very beginnings of what we now know as the NYPD has everything. A touching love affair with a very surprising twist, characters that are all larger than life but entirely believable, an admirable hero who has a nice line in commentary, and a dark body-littered plot. With all that it boasts true originality, even the slang language that the reader learns as he reads is unlikely to be found elsewhere.
   So, Alfie, what’s it all about?
   It is a New York, full of corruption, prostitution, drunkenness and of the poorest of Irish immigrants where barman, Timothy Wilde, is caught up in a terrible fire and scarred for life. He has lost his looks and his savings in the fire and, in doing so, also loses all hope of marrying Mercy Underhill, the Reverend’s daughter. Mercy does her rounds giving charity to the desperate poor, even to the house of child prostitutes run by Silkie Marsh, unsurprisingly amid such corruption, a woman of power.
   It is Timothy’s hated brother Valentine who drums him into the newly forming ‘Police Force’ and he finds his natural place in the world. A place where he can lick his wounds and find a use for himself. His qualities are soon required when he finds a young blood-soaked girl escaping from Silkie and a young boy’s body is discovered, suffering horrific wounds. Timothy takes time to piece all the clues together but there are enough of them when a veritable graveyard of little bodies are discovered. Shock after shock is revealed before Timothy cracks the case and fences are mended, others broken in a very surprising way.
   Timothy is a brilliant creation whose humour and wit are sprinkled about generously and his decidedly bigger brother, though having a very different philosophy, is also memorable. Indeed, there are a dozen characters that stay in the mind, long after the book is put down. Timothy even has his own ‘Baker Street Irregulars’! The plot, too, is original but it is perhaps, New York which is the brightest star. A very different New York to that of today but, I’m sure, every bit as real, with all its humour and its horrors.
   A debut of great richness and deserving of great success.

Sunday 22 April 2012

Dogs at lunch

Dogs on the blog have always, thus far, been dogs in the shop but I thought this old photo too good to miss.

Both Shadow and Chance are long gone, I'm afraid.

How anyone managed to get both of them on the chairs like that I don't know.
Shadow was always dead set against such nonsense and would let you know about it in spades.
Sorry about the 'white eye'. I'll practice getting rid of it one day, if I ever make the time.

Thursday 19 April 2012


Has our blog been Hijacked? There are words that link to ads and they are nothing to do with me.

Saturday 14 April 2012

Rebecca Tope Signing

Here's a whole bunch of lovely people who came along to our Rebecca Tope signing.

We were rushed off our cotton socks and I know I failed to take pictures of lots of people - sorry.

However, here are just a few who attended.

Incidentally, the lady sat with Rebecca is Shirley Pick, to whom the book is dedicated. The last photo shows Nina wearing the hand dyed, hand made scarf given to her by Rebecca, right off the back of her own Cotswold sheep. Have a look at Rebecca's on-line diary where she mixes books and sheep, most days.

Friday 13 April 2012

Rebecca Tope Signing

Roll up, Roll up. Rebecca Tope will be at Cotswold Bookstore in about twelve hours time!

Rebecca will be here to sign her new Thea Osborne hardback, Malice in the Cotswolds, which is set in Snowshill.

This is the tenth Thea Osborne murder mystery and she is joined by Drew Slocombe to investigate the murder of a young boy.

Rebecca's new paperback, called Deception in the Cotswolds,  will also be available as will all of her other books if you would like those to be signed for you.

'Deception is set in Cranham, high above Gloucester.

Rebecca will be with us at 10.30 on Saturday 14th April,
or did I mention that?

We're in the Telegraph

I don't remember seeing this on the Daily Telegraph site before but it describes us perfectly. *

*I expect that's because we wrote it and I've simply forgotten all about it!

Thursday 12 April 2012

'Nurse' on iplayer

Just managed to squeeze in a listen to yesterday's Midweek on iplayer and heard Dick Robinson talking about A Nurse at the Front. Wasn't he good!

Link to the program


PS. Toby is a Swedish Vallhund. He popped in to tell us.
(Dogs on the Blog April 6th)

Sunday 8 April 2012

Rebecca Tope Signing

Don't forget - Rebecca Tope will be here on Saturday next, 14th April at 10.30 am, to sign her new hardback, Malice in the Cotswolds.

This is the 10th in the Thea Osborne seeries of murder mysteries set in the Cotswolds.

We'll have all her paperbacks in stock too, and she'll happily sign those.

Wine and bikkies too!

Saturday 7 April 2012

Hobbit film

Some of our readers/customer may, by now, have realised that I (Tony) am a  bit of fan of Hobbits and all things pertaining.

One of the best places to look to see how the Peter Jackson film is progressing is and they recently provided links to some amazing photos of Hobbiton, the film set.

Friday 6 April 2012

Midweek - Nurse at the Front

Dick Robinson, who has done such an amazing job of promoting War Diaries, A Nurse at the Front, will be on  Steam Radio, R4 next Wednesday, talking to Libby Purves.

The program is Midweek and starts at 9am.

Well worth a listen.

Thinks, 'Why have we no Libby Purves books in the shop?'

Dogs on the Blog

Again, it's been a while since we had a dog on the blog so here are a couple.

The short under-carriage Alsatian, on the right here, is Toby and David is just keeping him still, he was so lively.

(Actually, not an Alsation, of course. Perhaps if his humans would mail or phone, I'll put his correct breed up here.)

Just like our good friend, Desi, now in Portugal, and Hugo, who remembered a biscuit, six months later, this dog is Finn.

Both terrific aren't they?