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Tuesday 21 August 2012

New Signings Page

As we have so many authors coming to see us in September, we have set up a separate page for ***   SIGNINGS   ***   See Right ...

Friday 17 August 2012

Signing - Settling the Score by Peter Gibbs

Here's the first of our exciting September Signings, now that I have an image for the book and it's one for every cricket lover.

On the morning of 8th September, Peter Gibbs will be with us to sign his first cricket novel, packed with excitement and yet as authentic as another gaffe by KP.

Our review is here on the blog and there are others praising this book on the site of that minor competitor of ours, Amazon.

I'm looking forward to meeting this ex-Derbyshire player and asking him on whom he's based his fictional players.

Play will start at the usual 10.30 and lunch will be taken at 1 pm.. Sandwiches and tea will be available from 11 am!

An event and a book, not to be missed.