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Wednesday 14 September 2011

Signing or Singing?

We've all enjoyed the company of Lol Robinson and Hazey Jane II for the past three weeks and the songs have really grown on us.

Lol is a character in the unusual crime novels of Phil Rickman's.  How he gets to make a CD is beyond me. David and I are certainly going to buy the disc from Phil when he comes up for the signing this weekend. It's called A Message from the Morning and is well worth a listen (or three). Lol has also recorded Songs from Lucy's Cottage and I hope Phil will bring some of those too.
We've finally decided our special prices for the signing day. We have both Rebecca Tope and Phil Rickman coming on Saturday and anyone buying a paperback by each author will be able to have a third paperback half price.
Phil's photo book of the sites mentioned in the series, Merrily's Border, will be reduced by £2.00 and the latest hardbacks by each author (Secrets of Pain* by Phil and Grave in the Cotswolds and Deception in the Cotswolds by Rebecca) will be £5.00 off for the day.

(*There's a nice spooky video from Phil himself on )

Signing is from 11 am on Saturday 17 September but Phil has let us know he will not be able to arrive till around midday. (If the road works still continue, even later perhaps)

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