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Sunday 4 September 2011

Bookmarks and Bananas

I have had several e-mails from a disgruntled Eliza complaining that I have not yet included a banana in any of our Justin Thyme competition photos.

As bananas had already been used by Panama, I thought it old hat (there's a joke there somewhere) but Eliza is insistent.

So here you are, Bookmarks and Bananas.

To start the fantastic competition trail, go to the Tartan of Thyme blog at where you will find the easy-to-follow instructions.

If the letters are a little difficult to see, try clicking on the photo and, if that doesn't work, trawl back to an earlier post. Best of luck.

Our book signing for Panama Oxridge will be at 11 am this coming Saturday and Mrs Kof has kindly made us some banana and chocolate chip cake.
Do phone or e-mail us to book your copies or, if you cannot make it, to have one posted to you. First edition hardbacks of Thyme Running Out and paperbacks of Justin Thyme will be available for signing, as will hardback copies of Justin Thyme (Not firsts)
(The offer of posting applies to books, not the chocolate chip banana cake!)

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