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Thursday 1 September 2011

Thyme Competion with hat

This is what a delivery of 50 copies of Justin Thyme paperbacks and 250 copies of Thyme Running Out looks like.

Just to be different, Cotswold Bookstore will be giving you a new photo for every day of the Thyme Competition. Here are Panama's instructions in case you joined us late. What larks!

To celebrate the paperback release of JUSTIN THYME, the Tartan of Thyme Blog is running a competition with signed/doodled copies of both JUSTIN THYME and its forthcoming sequel THYME RUNNING OUT as the prize.
All readers have to do is visit the participating blogs, note down the letters and numbers on the Justin Thyme bookmarks (see photos), then rearrange the letters in numerical order. This spells a secret message (Justin’s description of himself). Visit the TOT blog to find links to all participating blogs, and to email your answer. The competition will close on September 7th, when a winner (picked at random from the correct entries) will be announced. 

You will need to start at the 'Tartan of Thyme blog -
Here's the new Photo and that's a Panama hat. It's also a Panama's hat.


  1. I'm on it, only another 19 more blogs to go! H

  2. So. A competitor from New Zealand! Don't let these books leave the country folks. Get stuck in and compete!