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Friday 26 August 2011

Windows for Signings.

 Here are our windows ready for the signings in September.

Just in case you've forgotten, on Saturday September 10th at 11am we have the Thyme Running Out - Justin Thyme signing by Panama Oxridge.

It will be the event of the year with a special cake cooked by Mrs Kof to celebrate it.

Already over 100 copies of Thyme Running Out have been pre-ordered and there are very few hardback copies of Justin Thyme left. (Paperbacks are available)

Our adult window for the Rebecca Tope/Phil Rickman signing on Saturday 17th September is looking a little bare.

I intended putting in some murder weapons smeared with blood but David wouldn't oblige. He's selfish like that.

We have Rebecca's latest, Deception in the Cotswolds, Phil's new hardback, The Secrets of Pain and a wide selection of their paperbacks.

Rebecca should be here before 11 am but Phil is unfortunately delayed so midday is a more likely time for him.

As well as the guide book,to Merrily's haunts, called Merrily's Border, we will also have CDs of music by Lol Robinson, a character from Phil's books.
(No, I don't know how that works either - one of the many questions I have for Phil)


  1. That looks great - and the big hourglass looks very effective indeed, (almost 3-D). Is it a sort of cut-out?
    Hopefully, you'll get your stock of TROs this next week to complete the display! Meanwhile, I'd better get busy practicing my signature.

  2. We did an A3 of the jacket, David spent about 6 hours messing with it. A cut-out as you say. Still waiting on some clock/watch parts to complete the window. Reflections are always a problem for photos. Though we'd prefer a real hourglass, the window is working well.