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Tuesday 30 August 2011

The Lol Robinson Mystery

The big book-signing on the rather close horizon (10 Sept) is that of Panama Oxridge who will be here to launch the exciting Justin Thyme sequel, Thyme Running Out. The paperback of Justin Thyme will also be available. However, you know all that. You also know that there is a great deal of mystery about both books and about the author.

Strange then that, just one week later we have an author here who also has a great deal of mystery about him - Phil Rickman. Not only are his books mysteries in themselves but also, they are in a genre of his own creation. Murder mysteries that edge towards the dark arts but never quite get there, or do they?

However, there is an even bigger mystery that comes with his books. They contain a character called Lol Robinson, a musician. Now characters in books are just that aren't they? So how come I've just been listening to a Lol Robinson CD? Rather good it is too. I'm no judge but I'd say there was a Simon and Garfunkel touch in the sound (with a chunk of Bo Diddley in there too!) though Nick Drake is the big influence according to the books.

When Phil Rickman is here for his signing of his not-yet-published The Secrets of Pain on 17th Sept, he will also have Lol Robinson CDs for sale. So who the heck is Lol Robinson? Can anybody out there tell me?

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