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Wednesday 24 August 2011

Merrily's Border

After our 'children's' signing (Panama Oxridge on 10September) we have another biggie - that is Rebecca Tope and her Cotswold murder mysteries and, on the same day, Saturday 17th September, Phil Rickman with his Merrily Watkins series including the new hardback The Secrets of Pain.

Just arrived, Merrily's Border, a photo guide to some of the locations in which Phil sets his stories, words by Phil himself and photos by John Mason. This is a must for Rickman fans, especially if you want to track Merrily down in her natural habitat.

In the same way that fact and fiction blur in the Merrily Watkins series, the landscape pictured is little removed from the myth of the Marches and much of the book tells strange tales of pagan places.

I'm looking forward to meeting Phil but now I also want to follow the Merrily trail in those border lands that this excellent author so obviously loves.

So, not only will we have Phil's fiction in stock and CD's staring Lol Robinson and Hazey Jane ll but now we'll have this evocative guide-book too. Maybe at a special price! (To be announced)

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