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Saturday 13 August 2011

Sworn Sword - A great signing

 Here, at the start of a great day for both James Aitcheson and Cotswold Bookstore, the proud author of Sworn Sword stands outside the shop, showing us his book.

(Notice the excellent castle in the background wot I built)

I know it should have been a Motte and Bailey Castle but, unfortunately, Usborne don't publish one.

Even more unfortunately, even the one in the window is out of print for we could have sold a dozen in the past month.

Here's James, head down, busily signing the first of about half a dozen advance orders.

The admiring public. These good people have come out of their way to meet James.

And here are his proud folks who came up with him to lend support and who wandered around Moreton for over 3 hours before admitting defeat.

Good to meet you folks.

A really amazing day James.

We all hope the rest of your signing tour goes well.

Do give his site a look to see if he's anywhere near you in the next few weeks.


  1. It looks like you all had a great day!

    Reading this makes me realise that I'll be with you myself in about three weeks (that's come round quickly!)

    I'm now in full panic mode. Will my train be on time? Will I remember my pen? Will Eliza eat all the bananas again? I suppose I could use the chronopod to check ... but that has its risks too.

    I've already used it far too much during the last 12 months so that I've aged at least 6 or 7 years (difficult to estimate) ... but that's what happens when you break one of the prime rules of time travel and spend too long in another time-zone.

  2. Yes, the day did go well and I understand that this annoyingly young man has had success elsewhere, before and since. He's a busy fellow and the publishers think highly of him.

    Your day will be even bigger though with more cake!