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Friday 5 August 2011

Sworn Sword arrives

I've just returned from a few days off. Nina was away too.

That left David in charge of the fort and what do I find on my return?

Actually, he was in charge of the castle - the one in the window, the one I spent three weeks patiently cutting and glueing.

In my absence it seems that a bombardment has damaged the South Tower and killed several of the battle hardened troops outside the castle walls!

David claims the damage was wrought by bees!

However, doesn't the window look so much better now that we have copies of Sworn Sword actually there!

This very reasonably priced (£12.99) novel is already selling well, so do come along at 10.30am on Saturday 13 August to meet James Aitcheson. A remarkable young man at the start of an exciting career.

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