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Tuesday 16 August 2011

A visit from Panama Oxridge

As no other than Panama Oxridge paddled out of the water, his trademark Panama hat floated beyond reach.

It was another two hours before the RAC was able to haul his Time machine onto dry land and by then, the simple explanation for his visit came to light.

"What Ho!" he said. " I simply forgot when I was due to be at your shop. I know the signing is on September 10th, but is that 2011 or 1102? I can come on either date."

I put him straight on the date and after a chat and a few mechanical adjustments, he started the machine and disappeared back to where (and when) he had come from.

The Panama Oxridge signing -
Saturday 10 September at 11 am
The author will be signing copies of
Thyme Running Out,
the amazing sequel to Justin Thyme.

Hardback and paperback copies of Justin Thyme will also be available.


  1. Hmmm ... apart from incorrectly setting the spatiotemporal coordinates and materialising in that enormous puddle, I've had no internet connection for the last week ... and my work computer has just died with all my notes for book three! I'm now desperately trying to catch up and sort things out again; thank goodness for time travel!

  2. Hope work is recoverable and glad the Time machine was

    I meant to ask in recent mail - did you ever recover the hat?