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Monday 13 September 2010

Queueing down the High Street.

Here's a rare shot which actually shows our mysterious author, Panama Oxridge, albeit from the back.
It seems there is something in Justin Thyme which is perhaps a little too scary for younger ones. After all, kidnap, attempted murder and a computer literate gorilla could be quite frightening!

Here's an even clearer view of Panama Oxridge. You couldn't miss him in the street could you?Well, perhaps, if he wore a hat, you could.

Many of the customers on the day were teachers and it was good to think that they would be reading Justin's adventures to a room full of youngsters. It makes ideal bed-time reading too - one of those books which adults and children can enjoy on different levels.

We were so busy in the shop while Panama Oxridge was signing his book that none of us had time to step outside to see the queue stretching away down the road. Luckily Christoph, the publisher (who we have nicknamed 'Mr Pocket'), took an excellent shot showing many of you waiting patiently to enter the bookstore.

One group in the queue had travelled from Norfolk and booked into a hotel for the night in order to meet Panama and there were others who had done the same. Some people brought along their original copies from 3 years ago.

Note the time machine in the foreground.

Today we spent a lot of time parcelling up and getting in the post some of the hundred of copies of Justin Thyme which have to go to all corners, including, Germany, Spain, Holland, USA, Canada, New Zealand, Australia and Much Rambling.

There are more photos on The Tartan of Thyme site

Again, we thank all those who came along to make it a day to remember. Thank you!


  1. Good work team; wish I could've been there to help and, of course, to meet the secret author!

  2. Great photos. I think I may have figured out who Panama is in his his other life.

  3. Hey, well done. Don't broadcast it though but DM or mail me. Was it the hair that gave him away?
    When I get a moment I'll send you a crit of you book which I've just finished. Give me a week to sort out the post JT situation (new leaflets etc)