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Tuesday 7 September 2010

Cotswold Bananastore?

It would seem that Eliza has taken exception to the name Cotswold Bookstore.

Just be careful on the pavement outside the store for the next few days. We may not have managed to clear up all the skins.
(Many thanks to Panama for the image)

I've been off for a long weekend to Portsmouth with my wife and two grandsons and came back to find Nina and David, determined to prove me wrong on the number of Justin Thymes sold, have boosted sales to a fantastic 350 and beyond.

Now just 4 days to go and we're starting to worry about all the things that can go wrong. We only have 500 copies - supposing we sell more than that on the day!

We have a delivered a fiendish Justin Thyme wordsearch for some of the children (about 350!) in some local schools. If you fancy a go at it, drop in and ask. There may be a few spares.

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