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Tuesday 21 September 2010

Lesley Cookman Event

I'm back into the swing of things after a week's recovery from our Justin Thyme signing so this evening I've been really busy.

Our next signing is to launch Lesley Cookman's latest Libby Sarjeant murder mystery entitled Murder Imperfect. I'll see if I can cadge a proof copy and come up with a review soon. Meantime, do call into the shop where we have a special leaflet about the signing.

However, the bare details are as follows. Lesley will be signing any or all of her books between 11 am and 1 pm on Saturday 23 October. We are able to offer a very special price on the day and there will be a glass of wine or a cuppa on offer. Biscuits too, but no banana cake!

These are light, easy reads yet totally involving and Lesley's characters are believable whilst being just over the top enough to be fun. If you like your murder mysteries with humour and romance, come and meet the author and give them a try.


  1. Looks like this should be a great event. I have mentioned it as an event posting on my blog with links, hope that's okay?

  2. It most certainly is OK. Don't expect it to be as big as the Justin Thyme event though. That was really something. However, we are doing a very special price for Lesley. Buy one for a £1.00 off, 2 for £2.00 off each or 3 for £3.00 off each - saving £9.00 in total. And the publisher is bringing the wine!