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Thursday 2 September 2010

Panama Impressed (with added bananas)

Panama Oxridge has mailed to sayhow impressed he is with our reaching the 300 mark for advance sales of his brilliant book for youngsters and puzzle/whodunnit lovers, Justin Thyme.

Well, actually, we're rather chuffed ourselves but it's been great fun.

He is also so impressed by our Justin Thyme window that he has placed it on his site. However, I think David has improved it now so perhaps Panama will want a new photo. The window now has added bananas!

What's more, we now have TWO Justin Thyme windows. For the very first time, we have devoted both windows to one book.

Only 10 days to go folks. Don't forget, 2pm Saturday 11th September. Banana cake for the first children to arrive if David hasn't eaten it all first.

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