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Friday 10 September 2010

Ready for the day we've waited 3 years for.

Just some of the Justin Thymes in their positions ready for Panama Oxridge to sign tomorrow afternoon. People have come from miles away for this. Will your grandchildren ask, 'What were you doing when Panama Oxridge signed Justin Thyme at Cotswold Bookstore?'


  1. Oh WOW! 410+ that's fantastic. You really having done an amazing job. And I'm relieved to see all those pieces of paper stuck in each copy ... all that good organisation will help speed things along brilliantly. Looking forward to being with you tomorrow. Bananas all packed!

  2. bwahahahaha - that display looks absolutely fantastic Mr P. What inspiration and great feelings of acheivement you MUST gleen from this. Well done Mr P. Only wish I could be there to witness this magic event.
    Brisbane, Australia

  3. Chris. You were impressed by 400. What about 550! If you have ordered one, you might like to know that the last ones will go out today.