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Sunday 4 July 2010

In the saddle

We were 'chuffed to NAAFI breaks' recently when we received a card from Jane Bailey following her recent visit in the company of her two daughters. It read thus -
Dear Nina, Tony and David,
Thank you for the wonderfully warm welcome you gave me in the Cotswold Bookstore and for all the support you've been giving me over the years with me being totally unaware of it! I was really touched by your warmth (and my girls were gob-smacked that anyone had actually heard of me!) You did wonders for my confidence and may like to know that it got me back in the saddle again and I've been writing avidly since. Thank you so much,
Lots of love,
Jane Bailey.

Wasn't that nice. That didn't make our day - it made our whole month. Jane is currently working on a radio script version of Tommy Glover's Sketch of Heaven.
Do come and meet her on Saturday July 10 before she becomes too famous to talk to us.

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