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Tuesday 13 July 2010

Carbon footprint

Interesting Canadian gent in the shop who told us he was one of the runners who carried the Olympic Flame a while back, presumably the Winter Olympics. So he flies from one side of his country to the other, total journey time 9 hours, runs for ten minutes, then flies back again.


  1. Hi - it's Charlotte Castle here - you left a comment under my blog but I can't send you an email as my Windows email thing isn't set up, so can't see your address. (I'm a technophobe.)

    Funnily enough, I went to school in Glos - Wycliffe College. Loathed it, but know Moreton-in-Marsh! Lovely spot.

    The book doesn't hit Gardners and Nielson's for a few weeks so you may not be able to order. I'm probably better speaking to my publisher about this as I don't really get the nitty gritty of bookselling.

    Needless to say, I'm cock-a-hoop about your message. This book seems to be garnering ridiculously positive reviews and hopefully will be a success - thanks so much for your interest.

    I wish I was still in Glos - your bookshop looks like paradise. All one needs is a glass of wine and no children for an hour and it would be a little slice of heaven.


  2. Hi CC, Sorry reply is so late. Don't look often enough for comments as I don't expect them with so few folk knowing about us.
    Where are you based now? Do drop in if you're passing.
    Now, confession time. I commented on your blog?
    I have the world's worst memory but I do wonder if that might have been Nina. Really weird.
    I'm still feeling my way in all this blog/twitter stuff. How do I find your blog?