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Sunday 25 July 2010

Tracker - See it!

The Remarkables, South Island, New Zealand

Up and back to London Town today to see Tracker, a terrific new film staring Ray Winston, Temuera Morrison and some amazing backdrops of New Zealand scenery.

The one shot I recognised from my visit to that wonderful land is the scene with the majestic 'Remarkables' in the background but remarkable is an adjective you could use for the whole film. Ray Winstone's brooding presence in all his scenes is such that he resembles a slice of that volcanic rock - immoveable. However, Temuera Morrison, playing a man who could have been one of his own ancestors, a Maori accused wrongly of murder and on the run, is just the man to wear him down.

In scenes that are sometimes moving, sometimes comic and often violent, the pair are hardly off screen and seem to strike sparks off each other. From the opening shot with the camera descending through the clouds to the final shot of Mr Winstone, the film was captivating and all concerned with its production deserved the applause that followed its showing.

The director was Ian Sharp and his wife, Sue Cook, was executive producer. (Thanks for the invite)



  1. You went all the way to London to see a film! I'm confused as to what the film is called too. I can't look at your clip as everyone here is sleeping (except me obviously).

  2. Can't wait to see it!