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Friday 23 July 2010

Book News number 38

I spent this evening and the last bashing in news and reviews for our latest copy of Book News (Number 38!)
We review -
Benny and Shrimp by Katarina Mazeeti, which will ring bells with many hereabouts as it's the tale of a farmer with no time for love till he meets the one girl who he should never fall for.
Famous Last Words by Annie Sanders (actually a writing duo) well known for Goodbye Jimmy Choo
Lucy Streeter revamps what's left of her life when an amazingly accurate fortune teller says she hasn't too long to go.
Trash by Andy Mulligan Three small boys, living off rubbish dumps in an African state make the find of their lives - and it could get them killed. An unusually thought provoking thriller.
Sacred Treason by James Forrester A fast paced medieval thriller by the author of The Time Traveller's Guide to Medieval England.

Plus news of the two signings coming up and the entire cast list of Justin Thyme - sideways!

Call in and pick up a copy.

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