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Thursday 22 July 2010

Record sales for Justin Thyme

OK. So we cheated really. I stayed open for an extra half hour and had one last customer wanting the thirteenth Justin Thyme of the day. That's right, thirteen! Perhaps that last one should count as a sale for Friday but Friday the thirteenth?

Doubtless our readers know that we'll be sending out the signed copies of Panama's exciting read, post free in the UK. We'll also be deducting the cost of UK postage from those sent abroad and there are already a surprising number of them. USA, Canada, Spain, Australia and Holland will all have signed copies in the post shortly after Panama's visit.

An international hit.


  1. Oh really? Can I order a copy from your online bookstore? Do you have an online bookstore?

  2. No, no on-line bookstore. Too scared by the technology. However, mail us on or phone 01608 652666 and we'll put you down for one.