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Thursday 12 July 2012

All The Things You Are

One of the most popular military books over the last few years has been Another Dawn Another Dusk by Kenneth Ballantyne.

Now there is a brand new title by Kenneth, All The Things You Are, 'A collection of short stories from men and women who lived through WW2 on the home front and beyond'.

We now have plenty of both books in stock and copies of All The Things You Are, like Another Dawn Another Dusk, are all signed.

In truth, these are short memoirs which bring to life a wide selection of experiences from the period, each one as fascinating as the next. From a housewife in the blitz, a nurse, a Land Army girl, a survivor of the Laconia sinking, WRNs and WAAFs, a paratrooper who fought at Arnhem with1st Airborne and many others. There are many photos too which add to the already evocative text.

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