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Tuesday 24 July 2012

Not a dog - Unhooking the Moon

No, this isn't a photograph of a dog. Not at all.

I know you are all getting hacked off with our blog being dogs only and no books so I've deliberately included this pic which is not of a dog.

This is young Reece who helped in the shop for a while and wrote us a book review.

'Yer 'tis -

Unhooking the Moon by Gregory Hughes
Paperback at £6.99
Meet Marie-Claire, also known as The Rat: an infuriating, bizarre, gangster-wise prairie kid who, together with her brother, Bob, experiences a road trip of a lifetime. This is an adventurous story of a brother and sister, whose dad has recently died, as they go on an extraordinary road trip to New York to get away from the city of Winnipeg. Having nothing left for them at home, they decide to pack up and to visit their Uncle, encountering an hilarious con-man, a famous rap star and escaping numerous dangers along the way. But is their uncle all he seems to be? Will there be a happy ending for The Rat and Bob? This is a teen read involving many ups and downs, thrills and spills, that is genuinely different from any other.

By the way, that animal in his arms is Alfie.

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