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Tuesday 24 July 2012

Held Up by Christopher Radmann

Held Up by Christopher Radmann
Hardback at £12.99
This novel works superbly in so many ways. The plot is gripping, the subject matter rare and enlightening, the characters always believable and the writing fizzes with intelligence and leaping, unexpected connections. Even the title has several layers to it.
What’s it about? In South Africa, a recent recruit to an ad agency, Paul, drives out in his new BMW, only to be hijacked and dumped in the road as the car drives off. Only then, does he remember that his precious baby daughter is still in the car. That’s the first 10 pages and 1 minute of the tale. The next 11 years concerns his search for his child and perhaps for himself as he rapidly heads towards insanity. It is a thriller and a moving love story, of a man for his child and his country. Any more than that, you will have to read for yourself - I’m giving no more of this brilliant book away. However, the South African author might for he tells you about the book at

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