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Thursday 12 July 2012

Chocolate Shoes and Wedding Blues

Chocolate Shoes and Wedding Blues by Trisha Ashley
Paperback at £6.99
Six months ago I was enthusing about The Magic of Christmas by this author and here we are, in the middle of summer (!) and Trisha has another cosy tale to tell. Tansy Poole leaves her long term partner, Justin, on discovering his guilty secret and goes home to ‘Nan’ whose shoe shop is failing. It’s just the thing to make Tansy forget (if only Justin would let her) and she throws herself into running the shop selling specialist wedding shoes and shoe shaped chocolates. ‘Home’ is the village of  Sticklepond where we meet old friends from previous books and Tansy meets her next door neighbour, an old flame.OK. So much is predictable but there are surprises and Trisha’s writing always seems like a personal letter rather than a book. An enjoyable and amusing love story with recipes.

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