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Saturday 12 March 2011

Alfie and who?

This is Alfie who called in today.

He knows exactly where the biscuit tin is and will never pass the shop door again.

I'm ashamed to say that this fine dog's name escapes me.

Perhaps the owner could phone us with a reminder - 01608 652666

Ah! David has remembered. It's Henry.

However, just in case your dog's ability to clean up biscuit crumbs has made David confuse him with our inanely grinning vacuum cleaner, we'd still like confirmation from the owner.

Thanks Bridget. Yes - It's Henry. Now - have I got your name right!


  1. Cute!!

    I could quite happily walk off with either of them.

    They are both proper little characters I'll bet, and just know that you folks are all set to spoil them every time they pass by.

    I hope that their respective owners are avid readers of course!

  2. They are cute and great characters but my favourite is still Meg. She knows a lot more than just where the biscuit tin is. She reads The Times, I think.
    Good to see your interest, especially as we've been quiet for a while. If you want to follow us a little more, look in on my recent holiday on