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Friday 11 March 2011


Here's a smart new friend to the bookshop.

Megan responds well to 'Meg' and also to the word 'biscuit' and soon took to Nina and encouraged her in the tricky business of opening the tin of dog biscuits we keep under the counter.

Great to meet you Meg, and your owner too!

Please call in again.


  1. What with Alfie and his chum, now Meg, you have quite a little animal creche going on there.

    At least if the book trade slackens off too much, you will be able to offer a dog sitting service, whilst the owners finish their shopping in the other stores!!

  2. Yes, we've already volunteered our services to two owners. One dog, lost in town, settled down with us for half the morning before he was missed and the owner sought him out.