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Thursday 31 March 2011

Fred Archer

Fred Archer had his first book, 'The Distant Scene', published in 1967 and it harked back to his country childhood fifty years earlier.

As well as his own tales of country life and characters he gathered many more from friends and relations - stories that went much further back in time.

Fred was a farmer at Ashton-under-Hill who fell into writing by accident.

A talk which went down well led to his first and there was a book published nearly every year after that for nearly thirty years.

His books have been in and out of print and, recently, have been difficult to obtain but we are pleased to see some of them back in print once again.

Both 'The Distant Scene' and 'Under the Parish Lantern' are now in stock. They are both full of country sayings and humour and are perfectly illustrated by some photographs from the time.

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