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Thursday 21 April 2011

Local writers

Now we have all our local authors in one place (apart from MC Beaton who has a unit entirely to herself!)

Jane Bailey is there with her two charming tales, as are Julian Roach, Henry Porter, Paul W. Nash and Rebecca Tope (who sold even more than usual because of our apple window). Phil Rickman and Veronica Stallwood also have their murder mysteries on the shelves and we've re-stocked Ann Granger too.

We are we're hoping that Ann will come for a signing in June. We've not met her yet but her Mitchell and Markby Cotswold series have sold very well and I've enjoyed them too.

She has a new Cotswold series out now starring 'Campbell and Carter'. The first is Mud, Muck and Dead Bodies and the hardback due in June is Rack, Ruin and Murder.

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