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Saturday 23 April 2011

Bride Flight

Delighted to see Bride Flight now out in paperback. By Dutch author, Marieke Van Der Pol, this was one of my favourite reads of last year, when in hardback.Here's what I thought of it then -

In 1953, there was an international air race between London and New Zealand. This is the fictional story of three young Dutch women and a young man who were passengers in a plane in that race. These young women, innocent yet pregnant Ada, confident, independent Esther and Marjorie, desperate for a child, each start their new lives under very different circumstances, yet their lives are forever linked to each other through Frank, the young man. This link is wonderfully contrived yet totally believable. This believability eases itself upon the reader because of the convincing characters and involving story line. The quality of the writing is consistently high throughout, making it difficult to believe this is a translation. Impossible not to enjoy.

The book is much better than the jacket wording suggests.

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