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Tuesday 22 June 2010

The (not quite) Longest Day

Wonderful comment from David. Typical Eyeore comment. 10am on 22 June and he's already got a glass half empty with, 'The days are getting shorter from now on.' You have to laugh, don't yer.

Nina back home after her op and complained that her stitches were put under great pressure when I mailed her with -

"Don't you worry about leaving David and I to it. We're doing just fine. Apart from the shop fire. And that business with the geese. And me forgetting to come in three days last week. And David insulting a young women(the police were very understanding about it). And that Amazon order for 26 copies of 'Tommy Glover's Sketch of Heaven' in Greek. And David working in the fish and chip shop for half an hour on Wednesday before he noticed."

She said that the funniest part was that it could all have been true!

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  1. Oh dear...poor Nina. Well, they do say laughter is the best medicine!