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Tuesday 22 June 2010

Justin Thyme Leaflet

Perfecting our Justin Thyme leaflet (yet again). Then I'm off to bed. Haven't worked out how to display it on here yet but one side reads thus -

Justin Thyme by Panama Oxridge
Hardback at £12.99

Justin Thyme, the first book in a series, is like nothing you’ve read before. Though the name of the author is hidden, his ingenuity is obvious from the start - the book’s 'ambigram' jacket alone tells you that this is something special. The plot is a crazy tangle of larger-than-life characters such as the cook, whose misuse of the English language is hilarious, Burbage, the Shakespeare quoting parrot and Eliza, the computer literate gorilla.
Its hero is Justin Thyme, genius and self-made billionaire at thirteen years of age, who is building a time machine. His enemy, Agent X, is determined to steal the machine and is responsible for the kidnap of Justin’s mother. The plot charges toward the climax of the machine’s completion and his mother’s rescue. Will Justin be - just in time?
If that were all, this would still be an exciting and funny youngsters’ adventure, but it is so much more. The host of eccentric characters provide much humour but some of them may not be all they seem. This adds to the whodunit mix of clues, codes and red herrings as the reader joins Justin and his action girl sister, Robyn, in tracking down the traitor in the castle. Plus a great new puzzle web site at
The reading age is suggested as 9 to young teens but it is enjoyable for adult fans of puzzles or whodunits too and is perfect for bed time reading.
Justin Thyme was originally self-published but has now been taken up by children’s publisher, Inside Pocket. This new edition will be launched from Cotswold Bookstore on Saturday 11 Sept 2010. For a signed copy of this exciting new edition, 3 weeks before it is officially available, come along and meet this secretive author or tel. 01608 652666 or mail and we will send you one - POST FREE IN UK!

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