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Thursday 24 June 2010

Jane Bailey - Tommy Glover's Sketch of Heaven

This is a charming Cotswold story, set during the war, by Cheltenham author, Jane Bailey. Kitty, young, back-street London girl, is evacuated to a Cotswold village and her 'forthright' (!) manner soon causes upheaval as she acts as a catalyst for change. Seemingly a simple tale, it is packed with memorable characters and interweaving themes.
You cannot fail to be moved, yet laugh out loud, when you read of Kitty's first experience of a Cotswold cream cake. When Kitty, so used to the mean patches of London sky, has her first view of an open Cotswold field, with its seemingly vast horizons, you may well be as moved as she is. With a little of Goodnight Mr. Tom and a great deal of humour, Tommy Glover’s Sketch of Heaven is a delight, from its culture clash beginning to its romantic ending, via an exposure of secrets that belie the idyllic beauty of the Cotswolds.

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