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Monday 10 September 2012

The Splintered Kingdom

Here's the jacket of James Aitcheson's new book.

I've only had time to dip into Splintered Kingdom but I can say that it starts at a cracking pace with Tancred, now in command of his own manor, setting off in pursuit of a gang of thieving Welsh.

The attackers have made off with some women and girls from a village on Tancred's estate and he has to take revenge or lose face in the eyes of his new English serfs.

His Sworn Sword was a great success last year and is now in paperback at only £6.99.

James will also be signing Sworn Sword so here's what we thought about it a year ago -

Sworn Sword by James Aitcheson
Paperback at £6.99

This debut novel has the subtitle ‘1066: The Aftermath’ so that’s the first thing that makes it unusual - it covers a period largely ignored. The second is that it is told from the Norman viewpoint. Tancred a Dinant, who fought at Hastings, is at Durham when the city falls to English ‘rebels’ and swears vengeance when he only just escapes with his life.
   The book centres on treachery concerning Harold’s burial but starts and ends with thrilling, action packed battles. There is copious period detail and the use of Old English adds authenticity. The author convinced even this Harold supporter that his characters had some right on their side and I thoroughly enjoyed this, the first in a series.

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