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Sunday 2 September 2012

Sheep in the Window

Here's the window that got a bronze.

Tomorrow we'll get on with a window for our first book signing.

That's Settling the Score by Peter Gibbs.

We have the stumps, the pads, the bat and the ball, all from Moreton's wonderful  Toyshop.

We also have a wide brimmed cricket hat - one of mine.

There were 60 sheep in the window including our logo and an excellent cartoon by John Curtis.

The theme was sixty sheep because of the 60th anniversary of the Show.

We were told by the Health and Safety people to put a notice in the window advising people not to try counting the sheep.

They'd had reports of people being found on the pavement, fast asleep.

I still have no idea why this post has generated such interest but while you are looking at it, let me take advantage. Please dig around this blog for items on a fantastic book called Justin Thyme and its sequel, Thyme Running Out. It really is the most excitingly different book I've come across. Go out and buy one - you'll see. The author is Panama Oxridge except he isn't really! We've had huge success with it so if you know a bookseller, tell them all about it.