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Friday 15 June 2012

Lost in the Flames Q5

I believe you write in your spare time. The research is obviously a great part of a book of this kind but how long did the book take to write?
I started it on 2nd January 2010 and finished the first draft three months later. But that was just the start, of course – leave it to sit for a while, rewrite it, get feedback, have a think, leave it be, rewrite it, leave it again, more rewrites – and I finished it in January this year. So two years altogether. But I guess it took longer than that really, as I spent years, off and on, reading and thinking about the subject until I felt I knew enough to try to write about it. In terms of hours, I probably write at about 300 words per hour. But that’s just the first draft, and the first draft is never good enough, so by the end it probably works out at around 300 finished words in 5 hours, and there are around 90,000 words in the book, so I guess that’s around – gets out his calculator – 1,500 hours total. An average of two hours a day over two years – that sounds about right.

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