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Thursday 21 June 2012

A Horse in the Bathroom Q 3 & 4

Is the rumour true that you were bribed not to mention the real name of 'The Venice of the C*t*w*l*s' ?
I couldn’t possibly comment (Well, at least not until Maggie’s been released by the hostage-takers).

(Bourton on the Water is not actually named in the book but there is a village that sounds decidedly like it. I'll not spoil Derek's joke by giving you its name - you'll have to buy the book for that)

Your background of journalism under fire in the world's trouble spots is very different from writing about the villages and characters of England. What prompted the change?
The onset of age and cunning.

(Derek's answers being so short, it was easy to squeeze two questions in. There's one more for tomorrow and then, of course, it's Saturday and both he and Christopher will be at the shop, signing books)

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