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Thursday 8 December 2011

Mail from Michelle Magorian

Though I'm very pleased that Just Henry is to appear on television (Sunday 18th  - pay attention!) I always saw it as a serial. It is a real page turner. A gripping piece of story telling that kept at least two of our customers up ALL night reading it. As a serial, the wait till next weeks episode would have had the nation talking (and sold us lots of books!)

Michelle Magorian herself mailed us recently and here is part of her mail -

The film is a flavour of the book. The script writer, a lovely and experienced writer was basically asked to write a 90 minute drama from a 700 plus page book. I try to explain to people that it's rather like asking a composer to write a short arrangement based on a symphony for less instruments and then put his own creative input into it to make it hang together as a new piece of work. I tell people that they're both related and both different but that I hope people will enjoy them both in different ways. 

I just hope that the 'Flavour' is a tasty one as it's a terrific book.

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