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Tuesday 6 December 2011

Lost Christmas and Eddie Izzard

Here's a new book that we have been enthusing about, Lost Christmas by David Logan, and that too is to be on television. And on the same night too. Starting at 5.30 on Sunday 18th December on BBC 1, it runs right up to the start of Just Henry (see previous 2 posts).
Hope you don't mind me repeating our recent review.

Lost Christmas by David Logan
Hardback at £8.99
When 11 year old Richard (or Goose, as he is known), hides his Dad’s car keys, a chain reaction of disasters occur.
Now jump forward one year. Goose is living with his Nan, who we first meet trying to cook the Christmas Turkey in the washing machine. She suffers from Alzheimer’s but Goose dare not tell people how bad she is for fear of ending up in a home as his parents are both dead. His father’s best friend, Frank, fences goods that Goose steals but tries to look out for him.
It is Frank who first comes across Anthony, a stranger who quotes facts like The Guinness Book of Records and seems to know an unusual amount about everyone he meets, more, indeed, than he knows about himself. A stolen bangle, a missing letter, Goose’s dog and a family drifting apart after the death of their daughter are all linked by the stranger’s knowledge and one by one, he brings them and Goose together in a moving story.
Described in one review as ‘It’s a Wonderful Life’ meets ‘Shameless’ this is an uplifting and frequently funny tale of ‘What if’ with a Christmas theme.
Though billed as a book for youngsters, adults should not miss this one. (An ideal pressie for a youngster if you can borrow it later!)
(Now being filmed starring Eddie Izzard)

There is a (to my mind - confusing) Youtube trailer -

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